The Sync Gap: How to Be Creative in Conversation, Writing, and Work

The Sync Gap

The day after our initial conversation, Brennan asked me to share my knowledge about Existentialist philosophy with him. I replied that my knowledge is pretty limited, but I could share my understanding of the small amount I had read.

The Goldilocks Zone

This is not nearly a call to devalue your current beliefs and seek out diametrically opposing ones, however.

Applications of this framework

Writing as a conversation with a persistent version of yourself

After reading some of my blog posts, an old friend messaged me asking how I come up with so many reflections and insights about my life experiences. “It’s so hard for me to find meaning about things from myself,” she says. “I need people to have opinions first before I can build up my own.”

Compelling talks and content as a maximized iterative connection between ideas

On Monday night, applications for the second round of TKS Community Talks closed with 31 submissions. Out of these submissions, a team of three other TKS students and I selected eight talks ot be prepared over the next two weeks and presented to the community.


This blog post is the latest in my continuous meta-reflections about learning and building.



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