Common Cents

Samson Zhang
2 min readMar 6, 2016

There are a lot of little decisions that we make in life; some that may seem insignificant, but that might determine the next few days of your life, and others that might seem important, but ultimately you may find that you’ve wasted your time and effort on making a meaningless decision.

A scenario I’ve encountered: should I hang out with my friends longer, or go to back to my study hall? I won’t get punished for not going back, but it’s also the thing I should do…

If I had taken the time to think it through (and now, looking back upon it) I would say that logically, it would make more sense to hang out with my friends. I had no homework left to do, and study hall wouldn’t benefit me much more, so I would be better off being happy and spending time with my friends.

But what if, in that scenario, you met somebody at study hall that gave you a life-changing revelation that would make you much happier and lead to a better life in every single way possible than if you had hung out with your friends? There was no way to tell.

So why rely on your conscious ability to make decisions, when there are so many variables you don’t know and so many things you can’t calculate? I flipped a quarter, and it told me to hang out with my friends, so I did.

People say: why leave something up to chance when you can solidify it with your own conscious decision?

I say: why leave something up to your own, biased, unreliable, inconsistent consciousness when you can leave it up to chance?

So the next time you have a dilemma, don’t use your common sense. Use your common cents a toss and see what happens.